Newday 2014

What a privilege.

I have just returned from a huge camping event. 7,000 teenagers from the New Frontiers group of churches spent a week in Norfolk, UK, praising, worshiping, delving into the word of God and focusing their lives on Jesus.

Loud, colourful, fun and challenging, it was an honour to be a token responsible adult ans watch so many Young people up for the challenge to take the Good News ┬áto their neighbours, friends and the ends of the world. Each one starting their own ‘Book of Acts.’ Check out PJ Smyth’s first night talk on the website for a challenge:

Newdaygeneration/resources/mondayevening/main meeting: Be my witnesses.

I was part of a group of 50 plus young people. In the afternoons I set up an art table where they where free to experiment with prophetic painting, either individually, as a group or both.

See our group painting showing all that we can receive from God.

Please pray for the youth of our nation. their daily walk with the Lord is more challenging than we could imagine. However, our God is bigger that any challenge or obstacle.